The Biggest International Menopause Study

Together with our sister company OnePoll, the global hygiene and health company Essity conduced the biggest international menopause insight study. To support the findings and help them spread awareness, we created over 20 assets, including social animations, explainer videos, an educational guide and an infographic, which were distributed in 10 different countries.

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  • Illustration
  • Guide


The study was conducted to gain insights about menopause and end the stigma around it by spreading awareness. 5,000 women pre, in, peri and post menopause were polled about symptoms, common beliefs and the stigma around menopause. The wider campaign was supported by expert Dr Naomi Potter who provided her specialist insight which we highlighted in the menopause educational packs.

Illustration Style

Essity uses a very consistent illustration style and offers an extensive icon library to work with. However, we wanted to ensure that we can visualise all the necessary information for this topic, so we created new icons and characters which tie in with Essity’s brand guidelines.


We created illustrations for each of the key insights from the study. These visuals were then put together into storyboards which were then used as the foundation for the animations.

Educational Packs

In response to research findings highlighting the limited awareness among women regarding menopause, our collaborative campaign with 72Point was dedicated to enhancing knowledge and understanding. Our primary objective revolved around increasing awareness and ensuring that more women were well-informed about the topic.

This led us to develop educational packs, with the expert insights of Dr. Naomi Potter, and create explainer animations on menopause, perimenopause, and menopause symptoms. These animations were translated and distributed in three other countries, in addition to the UK.


In addition to the three explainer videos we designed a 10-page guide which is available as a PDF download.

Social Animations

In order to gain insights about menopause around the world, the study was expanded to 9 more countries apart from the UK, including France, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The findings were highlighted in our social animations which were then shared on Essity’s website and social channels. Each video shows what women in those respective countries are facing when going through menopause and how well informed they feel about it.






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Menopause In The Workplace

We created this infographic to support the specific insight about menopause in the workplace. It displays the most common symptoms that menopausal women are experiencing at work. These stats are accompanied by an Essity branded illustration which shows the bustling office life.

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