SME City Game

We created a retro-inspired arcade game for insurance company Superscript. Research found the biggest challenges SME owners face when running a business. We then used items that represented these as obstacles in-game. The result was mass media coverage about the game, creating lots of valuable follow links to Superscript’s site.

  • Illustration
  • Game design
  • UX/UI
  • Web development


We created the game in a retro style, taking design influence from early desktop and video games. We used a pixelated 1-bit style for the UI and illustrations, and a retro gaming font to complete the look.


We designed two business characters in the pixelated style which the gamer could pick between. We kept the colour palette simple, by using shades of two of the superscript colours, one for each of the characters, adding to the retro low-fi aesthetic we were aiming for.

To bring the character to life, we created sprite sheets with all the different frames needed to make the characters run, jump, slide and crash.


We created a cityscape background in the pixelated style that would set the scene for the game. In order to match the low-fi style character, we set the background to move at a low frame rate, so it looks like its shifting across the screen.


Users were incentivised to submit their score and keep playing with the lure of prizes for the highest scores. The game was hooked up to Superscript’s CRM with users submitting their details being eligible for the prizes.


We created social assets that users could share after playing the game along with their score, creating a buzz around the game and boosting engagement with the story and brand.


Alongside the game we created an infographic showing what the different obstacles represent and where they ranked in the survey. The infographic sat alongside the news story linking the story to the game.

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