Balance Activ

The Big Vagina Report

This BIG report visualises the findings of Balance Activ’s latest poll of 5000 women. Subjects include our understanding of the health of our vaginas, the anatomy, confidence in talking about ‘down there’ and wider society’s impact on how we view and talk about the vagina.

  • Editorial
  • Illustration


Balance Activ are a provider of expert advice and intimate health solutions. They commissioned this research project to explore in depth women’s relationships with their vaginas and why this important part of our bodies is so misunderstood.


Balance Activ had recently undergone a total rebrand. This made it particularly important to showcase their latest visual identity not only accurately, but also in an exciting way that could have the potential to inform future design work.

We maintained a strong design system throughout the document so each page felt connected and part of the wider conversation. Whereas within each page, every chart and infographic was treated slightly differently to ensure each piece of information stood out and had lasting impact on the reader.

Illustration & Imagery

One of the main purposes of the project was to help break taboos surrounding intimate health. For this reason we chose to illustrate vaginas in abundance throughout the design. The style of the illustrations were unapologetically intimate and realistic in that no two vaginas looked the same. Additionally, the photos of women throughout the report were representative of real women of all shapes, sizes and race. These design decisions helped further strengthen the theme of confidence throughout the report.

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