#RedforRuth Digital Shirt

The Ruth Strauss Foundation provides specialist support and guidance to families of people who have received an incurable cancer diagnosis. For the last two years, to raise awareness of their annual #RedforRuth day, we have created an online tool that allows users customise their own digital cricket shirt to download and share on social media.

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Ruth Strauss, wife of former England cricket captain Sir Andrew Strauss, sadly died from a non-smoking lung cancer (NSLC) in 2018. She was mother to two children. In her memory her husband set up the foundation, with it’s mission to support families facing the death of a parent.

Every year they hold #RedforRuth day, a celebration and fundraising event at the Ashes test match.


Members of the public can customise their cricket shirt with their name and player number, as well as different backgrounds and cricket accessories. We ensured users had the ability to share to all social platforms (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) to increase visibility of the charity. They could also download their creation and share manually too.


The client wanted as many people to use the tool as possible, there was no specific target audience in mind. This meant the UI had to be as simple and clear as possible. Users can see their design being customised as they work through the different elements. While the buttons are large and clearly labelled with bold text or clear imagery.

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