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The online accountant firm Osome asked us to design a personality type quiz to help entrepreneurs find the best suited business for them. Created with the help of careers expert Sarah Berry, the quiz reveals three side hustle ideas based on the user’s personality type.

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The project is based on a survey that revealed 59% of adults would like to be their own boss but many weren’t sure what kind of business would be right for them. Expert Sarah Berry provided insights on how personality types can influence our career choices.

How it works

By answering 15 questions about their values, skillset and interests people can find out whether they are a determined, organised, methodical or creative person. Based on these personality types the tool will then suggest three business options for them and point them in the right direction.


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For our Side Hustle Test they helped create an engaging and shareable campaign which drove 10,000s hits to our website. It was terrific and we’re still dining out on it to this day.

Paul Afshar, Marketing Director, Osome

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