2023 Quiz of the Year

Readly, the magazine subscription service came to us to create their 2023 Quiz of the Year. Made up of 20 questions the quiz covers the topics sport, pop culture and news. Across the 3 countries we adapted and translated it for, it was completed over 46,000 times in the period between Christmas and New Year.

  • Quiz
  • UI/UX


We’ve created Readly’s Quiz of the Year for the past three years and it has gained in popularity year on year. This year’s quiz launched as part of a PR campaign led by 72Point about the top news moments of 2023 and as a result it received mass media coverage creating many backlinks to Readly site.


We used iconic magazine covers throughout, which were supplied by Readly, linking the quiz back to their magazine subscription service. Relating to specific questions the covers made the quiz visually exciting and helped take the viewer on a journey of 2023.


The quiz was translated into two other languages for use in Sweden and Germany as well as the UK. The questions and visuals were adjusted to ensure they were relevant and achieved consistent pickup across all three countries.


Quiz completions between Christmas and New Year’s Eve


Clickthroughs to sign up page

2m 41s

Average engagement time

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