The Green Paper

Commissioned by Bird’s Eye Green Cuisine, the Green Paper looks at children’s opinions about the environment and the impact the food they eat has on it. We worked within the Green Cuisine visual identity to turn the data collected by our sister company, OnePoll, in to a vibrant and engaging printed booklet and landing page.

  • Illustration
  • Editorial design
  • Web design
  • Print


The report was part of a wider PR campaign for Bird’s Eye which was led by our friends at 72Point. The campaign aimed to promote their Green Cuisine range through spotlighting children’s perspectives on the environment and food. The printed version of the report was featured at a march outside The Houses of Parliament where children held handwritten placards showcasing some of the ideas presented in the report. Photographs of the march were featured on the report landing page, as well as in news coverage on a wide range of news sites promoting the campaign.


We created playful hand-drawn illustrations and icons in line with Bird’s Eyes existing Green Cuisine identity. We used them throughout the report to help visualise the survey findings in an engaging, vibrant and child centred way reflecting its content.

landing page

In order to achieve ongoing reach, we also developed 
a digital landing page which featured key findings from the report, along with a downloadable PDF of the full report that could be accessed from the website.

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