The Healthy LondonTransport Map

UX/UI, Web, Interactive

We worked with Decathlon to develop a journey calculator that would aim to inspire people in London to consider healthier modes of transport instead of their usual underground journey.

The tool hooks into Google API route planning data and adds in additional transport modes such as scooters and e-bikes. Along with distance and time the route planner also displays co2 and money saved compared to taking the train.

Additional clickable hotspots revealed data from a consumer survey on how COVID-19 was going to change the way people travel.

Decathlon ran a campaign with our friends 72Point which achieved media exposure and valuable SEO links to the tool hosted on Decathlon’s site.

We created a journey planner to inspire people to use alternative, healthier ways of transport

Decathlon - The Healthy London Transport Map
The journey planner shows you how long your journey would take using various active transport modes
Deployed on Decathlon's site