Heart Bleeps Campaign

Animation, Social assets

Cardiomyopathy’s ‘Heart Bleeps’ Campaign is centred around confronting the stereotypes of how people with heart conditions are meant to look like. These assumptions lead to people with cardiomyopathy facing challenges when it comes to employment, benefits and lifestyle as people assume there is nothing wrong.

The campaign is made up of 9 case studies of people with Cardiomyopathy who have experienced judgement in the past from people who judge there to be nothing wrong with them on first impressions.

We worked with Cardiomyopathy to help visualise the campaign on their site and social channels. Creating a series of illustrated animations and images for each of the 9 case studies and additional social assets to help promote the supporter stories on their social channels.

The series of assets produced included content for their website as well as social media
Cardiomyopathy posted a new story and animation each day throughout the campaign

"We were really pleased with Oath's work. They were able to get over complicated clinical messages in a creative and impactful way that really spoke to our audience and helped us to achieve record levels of engagement."

Joel Rose – Chief Executive, Cardiomyopathy UK