The online betting service Lottoland asked us to create an interactive tool which would back up their campaign about the UK’s lucky numbers. Based on the trending game ‘Wordle’, we came up with Yeardle. A daily guessing game in which players get five attempts to answer a question.

  • UI/UX
  • Interactive
  • Game Design

The Game

Every day there is a new question for players to answer. The answer is always a famous date and questions range from historical topics like “What year was Turkey declared a Republic?” to entertainment focussed questions such as “Which year did Big Brother launch in the UK?”.




return visits per user

How We designed it

As the game is based on New York Times’ Wordle, we wanted to stick to the same UI that players are familiar with. However, we still brought Lottoland’s branding into it and decided to style the game in their brand colours and thereby add a Lottoland touch to it.