Investment Time Machine


eToro, the world’s leading social trading and investing platform, wanted to create and host an interesting and engaging interactive in order to secure coverage links and drive audiences to their site. We worked with them to create the ‘Investment Time Machine’ allowing you to travel back in time and find out what a $1,000 investment could have been worth today.

The custom-built interactive enables users to go up to 30 years back in time and invest in companies at their historic stock prices. The ITM then returns users to the present day and tells them how much their investments would have grown – or shrunk. For example, an investment in Zoom at the start of 2020 would be up by 551% today.

In addition to being hosted on the eToro site, the time machine secured various coverage links including the MailOnline, The Sun and The Mirror. The ITM has so far been played over 20k times!